About us

Who we are

Bosko Engineering Consultants Ltd (BEC) is an engineering consultancy firm based in Kenya. Bosko is registered in Kenya with relevant authorities and professional associations. The firm brings together adequate experience for the assignment and provides the benefit of pooling the technical and other resources to execute the services of any magnitude in the most professional way and within the time period.

The Consultant will also provide the significant benefit of local capacity, experience and knowledge to further enhance the services to be provided. The added benefit from the firm is that the available staffs are permanent staff or long term consultants and that the key staffs have previously worked together and in similar projects. As such, this forms a strong and experienced team to understand and implement the Project, and who already have a strong working relationship.

We provide high quality professional consultancy services to various clients comprising of local and international agencies and departments with special attention towards directing and carrying out projects in developing countries in both the private and public sectors.

Mission Statement

To offer world class consultancy services for our clients based on timely delivery and teamwork.

Vision Statement

To see a world full of safe, sound and quality infrastructure to satisfy our clients and inspire generations.

Core Values

Quality Work
With great attention to detail, we always endeavor to satisfy our clientele. We get the job done excellently that brings out the beauty that is expected. Committed to continuous improvement, we consistently counter check our delivery of services to ensure that they are effective. The process is as important as the output and hence we are present at every stage to effect good results.

Team Work
We have a team that is committed and with strong skills at hand. They are not only competent at what they do, but also work so well together. And in that harmony our strength is brought forth, by the quality work that are emitted. Positive relationships are evident in our work place this is because each one is accountable at what they do.

Customer Committment
We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, thus with great dedication, we are proactive in finding solutions that best achieve their goals and also make them feel that our employees are even more committed to the effort than their own. We treasure their relationship, Engaging and valuing their partnership.

We maintain consistency of actions,values,methods,measures,principels, expectations and outcomes and adhere to ethical principles and soundness of character and judgement in all that we do.

Delivery On Time
We are timely when it comes to the services we offer. Our clients being the most important we ensure that services are on time and of satisfactory standards. Being aware that project deadlines are key and of great value to all, we make sure that we are early with what everything we do.