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BOSKO ENGINEERING Consultants Ltd was established in 2010. The firm is incorporated in Kenya under the name: BOSKO ENGINEERING Consultants Ltd.

Bosko Engineering Consultants (BEC) provides high qualit y professional consultancy services to various clients comprising of local and international agencies and departments with special attention towards directing and carrying out projects in developing countries in both the private and public sectors.

Bosko Engineering Consultants Ltd (BEC) is an engineering consultancy firm based in Kenya. Bosko is registered in Kenya with relevant authorities and professional associations. The firm brings together adequate experience for the assignment and provides the benefit of pooling the technical and other resources to execute the services of any magnitude in the most professional way and within the time period.


Below are some of the projects that we have managed to do through the collective efforts of our team.

Our Range of Services

Bosko Engineering delivers a diverse array of professional engineering services. Our consulting services provide expert guidance and technical support across various sectors. Quantity surveying ensures precise cost estimation and budget management. Architectural services focus on creative and functional design. Environmental audits maintain eco-compliance. Structural engineering guarantees robust and safe structures. Our civil engineering services encompass a wide spectrum, from infrastructure development to project management. With a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive, tailored solutions to meet your specific engineering needs.

Bosko Engineering provides top-notch consulting engineering services encompassing comprehensive advisory and technical expertise. Their offerings include strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and expert insights across diverse projects in construction, infrastructure, and technology, ensuring the successful realization of complex engineering endeavors.

Bosko Engineering offers a wide range of construction services, covering diverse projects in various sectors. Their expertise includes construction management, project planning, design, and implementation. With a focus on quality and efficiency, they ensure that construction projects are executed to the highest standards, meeting the unique requirements of each client.

Bosko Engineering specializes in comprehensive design studies, providing in-depth analysis and planning for a variety of projects. Their design studies encompass feasibility assessments, technical evaluations, and creative solutions, ensuring that projects are meticulously planned and tailored to meet specific client needs and project requirements.

Bosko Engineering offers expert construction supervision services, ensuring that projects are executed with precision and in accordance with design specifications and industry standards. Their experienced team oversees every aspect of construction, providing quality control, schedule management, and compliance assurance, ultimately delivering successful and high-quality construction projects.

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